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"The greatest gift is the ability to create a space that will inspire others."


Dawn Murnak

A space should inspire, it should evoke, it should move.  A design should speak to you, with it's form, finishes and function.

Creating the perfect space is as individualized as the client itself, and our job as designers is to listen, and to craft a unique design concept and approach that elevates the idea into a remarkable experience.

Dawn Murnak Design was envisioned to serve as the first stop for clients to start building their dream.  With a focus on hospitality, commercial, mixed-use multi-residential developments and custom residential design, we work side by side with our clients to create individualized, inspiring spaces, whether for their business, project or home.


From hotels to restaurants, our commitment to hospitality design focuses on creating one of a kind interiors that speak to our client's brands and elevate their presence within the marketplace.  We listen to our client's needs, while designing a unique concept, focusing on brand development, interior design and space planning, and construction materials, with a mindfulness to their schedules, pro forma and budgets.  

Creativity is our passion, as is the opportunity to serve our clients through interior design.  Our goal is to create spaces for our clients that are obsession-worthy, whether it be he or she falling in love with their home a little more each day, or creating a public space that people just can't get enough of.  We strive to create this reality for your project. 



Dawn Murnak


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